Our History

From an idea at a café to market leader in loyalty solutions

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The Birth of MyLoyal

The idea of MyLoyal was conceived by our CEO, Peter Bodskov, in 2016. At that time, Peter had just finished high school and found himself sitting in a café in Lyngby when inspiration struck.

Peter Bodskov

Peter Bodskov, CEO

Do you want a stamp card for your coffee?” asked the coffee seller. At that moment, Peter realized there had to be a more efficient way to handle loyalty cards.

He identified the market’s lack of alternative solutions, especially for small businesses. He searched for an idea that could meet the needs of these smaller businesses and discovered Loyalzoo, an English loyalty provider. The concept behind Loyalzoo was that small businesses could join a shared app with others and offer stamp cards and points through the app. The clever aspect was that consumers could have all their stamp cards and points from various small shops collected in one app.

Then he contacted Torben Nordal Clausen to inquire about starting Loyalzoo in Denmark. Torben, our current chairman, was enthusiastic about the idea, and the two headed to London.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t secure any rights with Loyalzoo in Scandinavia, and the idea fell through.

Peter refused to give up. He decided to reach out to an old friend from high school to inquire about the cost of starting their own venture. They received an offer, and thus began the journey. This is where MyLoyal was born!

Our first solution

Peter and Torben initially thought they could market MyLoyal through digital marketing. However, it turned out that Peter knocked on the doors of various small shops. This step was quite transgressive, but it proved to be a crucial decision. They managed to get 70 businesses on board with their concept.

Myloyal Old Logo


Changing our strategy and product

In 2019, we reached a crossroads where we either had to shut it down or come up with something new. MyLoyal booked meetings with some of the major companies, asking them, “What do we need to do to get you on board?” To our surprise, they all wanted their own apps. This conflicted with the existing business model, so we chose to change our strategy. The product evolved accordingly as we developed the white-labeled app product.



Integrations with POS-systems

We began implementing interactions within POS systems in order to:

  • Strengthen our clients’ customer experience
  • Ensure that it could be automated
  • Provide a better experience for our clients’ employees
  • Prevent fraud for our clients
  • Create a customer dashboard with customer data for our clients
Integrations Image

New brand identity

We changed our overall brand identity by changing our logo, our website and our brand theme. 

Our logo consists of our name and three shapes which together form an abstract M. The shapes reference an app icon, a membership card and a mobile phone. 

Myloyal Logo
Myloyal Final

Moving in Offices

Opening 2 offices – One in Lithuania, Vilnius and one in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Moving in Offices

Opening 2 offices – One in Lithuania, Vilnius and one in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Myloyal Final


Continue strengthening our business

Since then, we have taken even more steps to continue strengthening our business. We’ve heavily invested in e-commerce, takeaway, new IT integrations, as well as implemented gamification and much more.

Our commitment to innovation and improvement is ongoing, and we continue to evolve to meet our customers’ needs and expectations.

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