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The best loyalty program app for your business

Get everything you need in a loyalty rewards program. Bring back your customers with our digital loyalty software and loyalty app that’s completely customized according to your needs. 

Solution 3

Loyalty and rewards programs

Discover different loyalty programs

The expectations of customers are varying and we will help you meet them by integrating rational as well as emotional rewards into your digital loyalty solutions. We have you covered in your mobile loyalty program app whether you need digital stamps, special events or personal offers. We will make sure your mobile app is running like a well-oiled machine, ensuring a loyal customer base.




Digital stamps

Personal offers





We build your own loyalty program app

Customised to fit your needs

Achieve consistency with your brand identity as you provide value to your customers through the digital loyalty program app and solution. We will help you provide the experience which you can manage through rewards management engine  that will make your customers engaged and loyal. 

Prepaid cards
Payment integration

Webshop integration
Push and SMS integration
And much more

The Best Loyalty Program App For Your Business 1 1

Loyalty & Rewards Management

Manage your loyalty program effortlessly

With our easy-to-use cloud based loyalty management software, you can surprise your customers with rewards, schedule campaigns and announce special events in your app. Manage your marketing communications across all your stores or for individual businesses with the help of the digital loyalty solution.

Manage Your Loyalty 1

Create campaigns, prepare and schedule news and offers

Based on customer behaviour.

Reach your customers through Push notification or SMS

Create campaign, assign rewards or manage events.

Powerful Admin Panels for All User Groups

Individual shop or regions managers access.

Advanced customer analytics

You’ll understand your customers like never before

Access all the data that is critical for growing your business. With a wealth of information about your retail and online customers and their behavioural patterns, you’ll have everything you need to expand your business. Our self-service advanced analytics solution shows all your loyalty rewards app insights nearly in real-time so you could make decisions faster, every day. 

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Performance KPIs

Receive only the data you need and can act upon. Forget extensive reports, instead, get actionable insights on everything from new users to active users and rewards granted.

Campaigns reporting

Evaluate your campaigns to find your best customers and gain valuable insights into their purchasing behaviour. Analyse and compare the performance of your campaigns to get to the bottom of what works better, boosting your ROI.

AI based analytics

Discover what drives your loyal customers. Retain your most loyal customers. Get the ability to automatically learn and improve from the customer experience and enhance the engagement.

Single customer view

Get the full picture as our solution will connect all data sources and give you a 360° customer overview. Never worry about a lack of full information again.

All in a secure cloud solution

Respect your customers’ right to privacy

Secure and 100% GDPR compliant solution brought to you in a secure, dedicated and fully managed cloud environment. You own your data and you decide how to use it to improve customer satisfaction. 

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Tried and tested

We can help your business to grow


increase in revenue


increase in purchase frequency