The Future of Loyalty and Communication

In our highly connected world, having deep and meaningful conversations is getting more and more difficult. However, MyLoyal's advanced app solution and AI technology can easily help you to reach and connect with your clients, so that you can build true loyalty.


Your very own App

True Partnership

With MyLoyal, you can build your very own loyalty and communication app, customised to your needs. You will get invaluable customer data through MyLoyal's AI technology, while always remaining compliant with GDPR. By letting us help you with your digital transformation, you can stay focused on growing your business. Most importantly, we offer you much more than just a loyalty solution: we offer you a true partnership.

Server security in collaboration with IBM

MyLoyal works with IBM Cloud to ensure our solution is powered by servers of the highest standards in data management, operation and security.

1. Communicate intelligently

MyLoyal's AI technology will help you to get to know your clients really well. The advanced data insights displayed through a beautiful design will show you how you can really optimise the way you communicate with your clients.

2. Fast delivery at a low price

Speed to market is important, so we deliver new apps within eight weeks at the lowest price point on the market. We can do this because we are specialists in transformative app technology as it relates to communication and loyalty and because we use scalable programming modules that enable the rapid and agile development of new apps.

3. Strengthen your bottom line with data

With your new and intelligent app, you will experience increased sales, higher conversion rates and more satisfied customers. Most importantly, you will have taken a transformative step towards achieving true digital loyalty.


Some of our clients


A brief overview of the many solutions


Communicate and interact with your clients by sending campaigns directly to the people who matter via push notifications. You can offer different deals in each of your stores while collecting useful data about your clients' consumption patterns. Your customers can respond and buy online, by phone, by email or directly in store. The app gives you many opportunities to generate additional sales for your business and different ways to get to know your clients better.

Loyalty Solutions

Our digital discount coupons and stamps help businesses to create customer loyalty, attract new customers and increase brand awareness. Using coupons, you can give discounts on specific products to increase the turnover of those products. The coupons can be segmented so that you can offer different discounts in different stores.

And much more...

We also have features such as team presentation, event calendar, online menu and ordering, product warranty, and much more.


Together with our customers, we are constantly developing more features that create value and can be fitted to your particular business.

100% GDPR Compliance

Your Own Universe

Best Price on the Market

Modern Design

Premium Support

Quick Development

News & Events

Keep those who matter to you updated with news using our unique way of sharing new products and making announcements through text, images and video. You can invite your customers to events, create live polls and receive online evaluations, allowing you to stay close to your clients.


With MyLoyal's AI technology, you will gain valuable insights into client behaviour, enabling you to offer the best deals and provide the right information at the right time.



Michael Raffnsøe, Partner

We Love Burger A/S, masterfranchise Max Burger Denmark

"In a short time, Max Burger has gained thousands of users on our loyalty app from MyLoyal. Our guests are excited about the simple way the app works - and it's easy and simple to maintain and launch new initiatives. MyLoyal is both very professional and comfortable to work with."

Brian Errington, Chairman Bonnie Dyrecenter Denmark ApS

"The Bonnie Dyrecenter chain chose to use MyLoyal because the platform had already been developed and it only needed to be tweaked in order for it to work in our chain.The app platform is easy and clear and it does not take long to learn all of its features. The MyLoyal team also works quickly and professionally."


Peter Bodskov

CEO & Partner

Peter is responsible for MyLoyal's daily operations and administration.

Mathias L. Heide

COO & Partner

Mathias is co-responsible for MyLoyal's day-to-day operations and administration.

Tadas is responsible for

MyLoyal´s IT platforms and team of software developers. 

Tadas Plančiūnas

CTO & Partner

Torben N. Clausen

Chairman & Partner

Series investor with history at EAC, Bunker Holding and CEO at Danske Commodities.

Henrik Bodskov

Advisory Board & Partner

CEO at IBM Denmark.



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