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Loyal customers
are the best customers

MyLoyal offers a digital loyalty and rewards program solution and loyalty app for retail and restaurants to manage loyalty rewards, marketing communication tools and customer insights. The easy-to-use and intuitive app comes for both Android and iOS. 

Myloyal Loyalty App

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Your loyalty program solution & app

Earn customer loyalty and grow your sales

Understanding what your customers want and just as importantly what they don’t want is critical for building loyalty. MyLoyal will give you an in-depth look into your customers’ decision making processes so you can give them the best loyalty program they are looking for, growing your visitors and purchase basket along the way.

Drive more visits and customer spend

49% of customers make an increased purchase after receiving a personalized offer.

Gain insights into your most profitable customers

Identify your best customers, understand their needs and shape their buying behaviour.

Increase customer retention rate

Increase in retention increases revenue 25-95%.

Integrate with your POS or E-Commerce

Give your customers the best experience, seamlessly integrated to your POS system. In store and on Web.

All in a secure IBM cloud, always up to date

Your own loyalty app

Customised to fit
your brand

Using best in class software, our loyalty and rewards program supports all kinds of rewards through our app: monetary, in the shape of points, digital stamps, level awards etc. as well as emotional, such as special campaigns, VIP invitations etc. for your retail and restaurant chains.

Your brand, our software solution

Always up to date, cloud-based technology

Integrated to your POS system

Myloyal Solution Customised To Fit Your Brand Examples
Myloyal Solution Customised To Fit Your Brand Examples

Loyalty & Rewards Management Tool

Increase your customer engagement by personalizing your communication

Our loyalty and rewards program includes an admin panel, where you can personalize and schedule direct customer communication or even publish personalized news and offers directly in your app.

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Direct messaging

Reach your customers in
seconds via mobile App.

Manage your rewards programs

Create campaign, assign
rewards or manage events.

Stay relevant

Communicate at a right
time with the right message.

Customer Insights & Data Analytics

Drive business growth with data, insights and analytics

Our advanced analytics module will let you collect valuable insights about your most loyal customers whether they are visiting your store or buying online. Closely track their behaviour and provide them with the customer loyalty program and rewards that will keep them coming back.

Data you can act upon

Always up to date

AI based models to predict
churn, customer and purchase

Why MyLoyal?

Since 2016 we have been helping our clients expand their base of loyal customers with our loyalty and rewards program. The nature of customer habits and needs is that they are constantly changing, a cutting edge digital platform is needed to reach them directly. Not only are the needs ever-changing, but they are highly different from company to company therefore we help with customized loyalty programs.

We believe in forward-thinking technology. By taking a starting point in our technological future, we are always investing in our loyalty management software giving you the best of the best time after time.

We believe in personal connection; therefore, we are always here for you. We believe in future of the technology therefore we constantly invest into our solution and you always have the best and most up to date version of technology.

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