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MyLoyal is a Nordic software developer specialising in loyalty platforms. We combine market-tested solutions, user-friendly design, a strong data structure and competitive pricing to be the best at what we do.


Your digital loyalty platform

Welcome to your new loyalty platform

MyLoyal offers you your very own loyalty app solution with your own color scheme and logo. You will also get valuable customer data and will be GDPR compliant - all with a focus on growing your business through digitalization. And most importantly; We offer you much more than just a loyalty solution - we offer you a partnership.

Server security in collaboration with IBM

MyLoyal works with IBM Cloud to ensure our solution is powered by servers of the highest standards in data management, operation and security.

1. Strengthen your bottom line

With MyLoyal's loyalty solution, you stay in close contact with your customers through unique campaigns, leading to additional sales and drawing customers into your stores. Your investment quickly creates a better bottom line.

2. Low price

We offer you the lowest price on the market for your loyalty solution. We can do this because we have developed generic programming modules that result in a quick and agile development of new apps. Your alternative is expensive traditional IT consulting firms.

3. Fast delivery

At MyLoyal, you will receive your new loyalty solution within eight weeks of order, depending on which solution you choose. Speed to market is important, and we help get you moving quickly.


Our Clients


A brief overview of the many solutions

Push Notifications

Send campaigns directly to your customers via push notifications. Have different deals in each of your stores and collect data about your customers' consumption patterns. Have customers respond and buy online, by phone, email or directly in store. There are many opportunities to create additional sales in your business.


A unique way to share news about new products with your customers or make announcements through text, images and video.

And much more...

We also have features such as team presentation and an event calendar. Together with our customers, we are developing even more features that create value and fit your particular business.

100% GDPR Compliance

Your Own Universe

Best Price on the Market

Modern Design

Premium Support

Quick Development


The familiar stamp loyalty card in a digital version. Either give stamps for each purchase or have customers purchase prepaid cards from within the app. Payment is digital and is made directly to you, not through MyLoyal. We give you additional data about customer consumption patterns.


Digital discount coupons help your business create customer loyalty. Attract new customers and increase your brand awareness. Coupons help you give discounts on specific products and thereby increase your inventory turnover on these products. Discount coupons can be segmented so you can offer different coupons in different stores.



Michael Raffnsøe, Partner

We Love Burger A/S, masterfranchise Max Burger Denmark

"In a short time, Max Burger has gained thousands of users on our loyalty app from MyLoyal. Our guests are excited about the simple way the app works - and it's easy and simple to maintain and launch new initiatives. MyLoyal is both very professional and comfortable to work with."

Brian Errington, Chairman Bonnie Dyrecenter Denmark ApS

"The Bonnie Dyrecenter chain chose to use MyLoyal because the platform had already been developed and it only needed to be tweaked in order for it to work in our chain.The app platform is easy and clear and it does not take long to learn all of its features. The MyLoyal team also works quickly and professionally."


Peter Bodskov

CEO & Partner

Peter is responsible for MyLoyal's daily operations and administration.

Mathias L. Heide

COO & Partner

Mathias is co-responsible for MyLoyal's day-to-day operations and administration.

Torben N. Clausen

Chairman & Partner

Series investor with history at EAC, Bunker Holding and CEO at Danske Commodities.

CEO at IBM Denmark.

Henrik Bodskov

Advisory Board & Partner



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We can advise you on our solution and on how MyLoyal can best help you along the way.

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