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Our goal is to provide the best digital loyalty solution for our clients that will grow their business through their loyal customers.

We have for years been driven by helping the retail- and restaurant businesses with getting digitalised and competing with the increasing competition from e-commerce.

We view loyalty as an ecosystem where a built-in loyalty engine, marketing communication tools and advanced customer analytics come together for value-driven results that benefit the user.

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Since 2016 we have been helping our clients to grow their loyal customer base by providing the best-in-class digital loyalty solution and software.

Every customer is unique so we remain adaptable to their wants and needs so you can find the best loyalty solution. Through it all, we maintain a personal, human touch. Since there is no future without technology, you can always count on us investing in our solution and giving you our very best.


Management Team

Peter Bodskov - Learn More About Your Loyal Customers

Peter Bodskov

Tadas Plančiūnas - Learn More About Retail Pos Integration And Native Apps Development

Tadas Plančiūnas

Jurate Puodziukaite - Learn More About Advanced Customer Analytics

Jurate Puodziukaite

CDO & CMO, Partner

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Torben Nordal Clausen

Torben Nordal Clausen


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