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3 reasons why MyLoyal customer analytics solution

360 Customer Overview

Your customer data in one place so you get one single view of your customer

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We provide dashboards to monitor loyalty program KPIs

Data Insights

You can take actions without any coding or IT support

Your customer data in one place

Customer data can come from many different sources, but the most important thing is how to gather all that crucial data. Every company’s data grows 30-40% every year, so how you store it is vital. Connecting data sources can be a considerable strain on resources; look no further; we have you covered.

By integrating your point-of-sales (POS) or eCommerce system and your loyalty app, MyLoyal helps you to collect customer insights and build a complete 360 customer overview in one place for you – plus, we keep it safe and sound in a secure cloud so that you can access customer insights from any computer!

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Dashboards for the real-time customer insights

Do you have lots of data but are not sure how to use it? It can be overwhelming. Our customer analytics dashboard gives you all your main KPIs in one place. All real-time and accessible from any computer. Understand your program performance at a whole new level with:

• Enrolment rates over time
• Customer Activity
• Rewards Redemption
• Purchase Behaviour and average basket
• Retention Rates

Read more about first-party data in our blog. 

Customer Loyalty Program Insights
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Make smarter business decisions

Understand how your program is performing and what needs to be adjusted. Our solution not only has built-in analytics dashboards but also allows you to drill deeper and build your own charts or get daily insights by email.

  • Self-service Analytics Hub for segmentation, drills, funnels etc.
  • Many forms of strategic visualizations (graphs, tables, maps).
  • Email reports – schedule the main KPI report or dashboard report delivered straight to your inbox.

MyLoyal clients see their customer spending increase by 32% compared to non-loyalty customers!

Transform Data Into Marketing Personalisation

Segment & Personalise

Segment your customers based on their behavior, churn risk or any other way – this would allow you to target your communication to precisely the target group you want. This would allow you to:

• Build strong customer relationships
• Improve purchase basket size
• Increase buying frequency in-store and online
• Find your most loyal customers!

Campaign Management Tool
Loyalty Management Platform

Automate your marketing communication

Start your marketing automation journey with lots of data. Data allows you to know your customers’ journey, down to the individual customer; gather data on when they last purchased and when they are likely to buy again. Automation would allow you to:

• Run Birthday campaigns
• Automated next-level rewards notification
• Service reminders
• Surprise & delight campaigns

GDPR compliant

Security is built into the core of our product. We employ numerous controls to safeguard your data including encryption in transit and most importantly you always owning your customers data.

Gdpr Compliant Loyalty Platform

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