The Best Loyalty App In The Market

The most extensive loyalty platform on the market

Your brand is unique, so why should your digital loyalty programme be different? Choose from a wide range of customisable features to create an app that aligns with your brand! 

The Best Loyalty App In The Market

Easy onboarding


The success of your loyalty programs depends on how easy it is to join it. We designed our onboarding flow to be as easy as possible, with an option to join the program by log-in using phone number or email.

App Homepage Entering Personal Information Shown On A Phone Mockup
Easy And Fast Loyalty App Onboarding
Payment Card Linked Loyalty

Automatic points

Payment card- linked loyalty

Enable payment card-linked loyalty for automatic points rewards.

Improve customer experience with frictionless loyalty-earning; Customers link their debit/credit card once in-app and instantly start to auto-earn every time they pay using their card.

Customers pay in restaurants/stores or online as they normally do and with their bank card-linked, they will receive points without opening the app!

The solution is easily implemented, with there being no change in buyer behaviour or employee set up on the POS system.

Payment Card Linked Loyalty

Grow revenue

Offers & campaigns

No more expensive advertising campaigns. Your most important customers are right in front of you using the app.

It is up to you how you decide to communicate directly with them, whether this is through SMS or push notifications. In the current market personalisation is vital, take advantage of this free communication channel and stand out against competition.

The MyLoyal platform allows you to segment your offers, reward behaviour or bring your old customers back. It is time to focus on the right offer to the right customers at the right time

The Best Loyalty App
The Best Loyalty App
Digital Stamp Cards

Increase purchase frequency

Digital Stamp Cards

Buy products, collect stamps and receive the product for free!

Stamps allow customers to earn based on the number of visits or their overall spend. You decide which product or services you want to issue rewards for and how long they are valid. It really is as simple as it sounds. Say goodbye to paper cards or physical stamp cards in your shop or restaurant, And say hello to digital stamps being rewarded automatically after every purchase.

Digital Stamp Cards

Increase engagement

News & Events

Personalise your news to meet individual customer needs. Opening a new store or launching a new product – your loyal customers should know first, as they are your biggest fans and can accelerate your growth or bring new customers by referring them.

Communicate exciting events and news directly through push notifications and SMS. Want to start pre-sale to your loyal customers or have members only event – now you have a platform for that.

Send The Latest News And Personalise Your Newsletter
Send The Latest News And Personalise Your Newsletter
Engage Your Customers By Games

Have some fun!

Play Games

Create fun and engagement at the same time. Improve the customer experience and generate excitement. We designed a series of fun games for customers to play on their mobile.

Quiz games allow customers to test their knowledge and at the same time learn more about your brand and company.

Digital scratch card game is a crowd favourite and gives your customers the chance to “scratch & win” great prizes. All this creates a bond between customer and your brand and great excitement!

Engage Your Customers By Games

Improve customer experience

Access webshop or take-away

Customers expect to access your products through the most convenient channels for them.

Therefore MyLoyal loyalty app provides the possibility to integrate your web shop, digital table-service, takeaway and gift card purchase into the same loyalty app.

Customers also receive points for buying online or ordering a take-away. Everything bundled up in one place, it couldn’t be easier!

App For Takeaway Or Direct Delivery
App For Takeaway Or Direct Delivery
Save Your Digital Receipts And Allow To Access Them Online

Create ease of accessibility

Access receipts & warranties

MyLoyal platform has integrated receipt solution designed to help your customer to access, store, manage their receipts for warranties. No need to go searching for missing receipts as they appear on customer loyalty app immediately after the purchase.

Save Your Digital Receipts And Allow To Access Them Online

Increase in-store traffic

Store overview

Make your customers experience easier by helping them find you or your working hours. We have integrated the latest Google maps, therefore all information is accessible right at their fingertips.

Find Customers Near You
Find Customers Near You
Understand Your Customer Insights And Personalise Their Experience

Improve customer insight

Call your customer by name

Everyone has a name, so why don’t we call our customers by their name? Our solutions provides the option to customise every feature to match customers specific needs. With your own loyalty program you get to know your customers like never before.

Understand Your Customer Insights And Personalise Their Experience

And that's just the start...

Create your own features

You don’t have to limit your loyalty program to only the above features. We understand that businesses have their own needs. Here at MyLoyal, we can help create a new feature for your loyalty program with our solution.

Are you integrating booking features or coffee/product subscription development? We can help you!

Now this is a lot of information all at once, we know, there are just so many options with our solution! Take a read and let us know which features will work best for your business!

Predict Your Customer Behaviour By Understanding Your Loyal Customers
Predict Your Customer Behaviour By Understanding Your Loyal Customers

Remember Loyalty solutions
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Increase Your Customer Retention
Grow Revenue
Increase Customer Retention
Improve Customer Experience

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