The Best Loyalty App In The Market

The most extensive loyalty platform on the market

Your brand is unique, so why should your digital loyalty programme be different? Choose from a wide range of customisable features to create an app that aligns with your brand! 

The Best Loyalty App In The Market

Customer engagement​

Cash - back

Cash-back is the most straightforward loyalty program and originates from the long history of the bank cards business. In essence, a cash-back reward program is a type of loyalty program where customers receive a percentage of their purchases back as cash rewards. The beauty of this program lies in its simplicity – for every 1 Euro spent, a clear percentage is returned as cash-back. It’s that straightforward!

Wallet Mockup
Easy And Fast Loyalty App Onboarding
Payment Card Linked Loyalty

Automatic points

Payment card- linked loyalty

Enable automatic points rewards through payment card-linked loyalty.

Improve your customers’ experience with seamless loyalty earning. Customers simply link their debit/ credit card once within the app and immediately begin auto-earning points every time they make a payment, whether it’s in restaurants/stores or online.

The solution is easily implemented, with no changes in buyer behaviour or employee set-up on the POS system.

Payment Card Linked Loyalty

Grow revenue

Offers & campaigns

Say goodbye to costly advertising campaigns. MyLoyal puts your most valued customers at your fingertips through a user-friendly app. In today’s competitive market, personalised communication

is crucial for success.

Leverage first-party data effortlessly to stand out, offering segmented promotions, behaviour-based rewards, and the perfect timing to engage and re-engage customers. It’s time to make every offer count with MyLoyal, your key to efficient, targeted, and cost-effective customer engagement.

The Best Loyalty App
The Best Loyalty App
Digital Stamp Cards

Increase purchase frequency

Digital Stamp Cards

Buy products, collect stamps and receive a product for free! 

Step into the future of loyalty programs with digital stamp cards. Simply make a purchase, collect virtual stamps, and unlock the thrill of receiving a free product. Whether your customers earn rewards on their favourite items or accumulate stamps with each visit, the power is in your hands. Bid farewell to the inconvenience of physical stamp cards in your establishment and embrace the simplicity of our digital solution.


Automate the reward process effortlessly, ensuring a hassle-free experience for both you and your customers. It’s time to elevate your loyalty program – say hello to digital stamps and wave goodbye to the traditional hassles.

Digital Stamp Cards

Increase engagement

News & Events

Tailor your news to suit each customer’s needs. Whether it’s about opening a new store or launching a product, your loyal customers should be the first to know. As your strongest brand advocates, they can accelerate your growth and attract new customers through referrals.

Communicate exciting news and events directly to them via push notifications. With MyLoyal’s platform, you can initiate pre-sales exclusively for your loyal customers or host members-only events, all in one convenient place.

Send The Latest News And Personalise Your Newsletter
Send The Latest News And Personalise Your Newsletter
Engage Your Customers By Games

Have some fun!

Play Games

Create fun and engagement at the same time. Improve the customer experience while generating excitement. We designed a series of fun games for customers to play on their loyalty app. Quiz games allow customers to test their knowledge while learning more about your brand and company.

Our digital scratch card game is a crowd favourite, giving customers the thrill of “scratch & win” for fantastic prizes. These engaging experiences create a strong bond between customers and your brand, generating great excitement!

Engage Your Customers By Games

Improve customer experience

Integrated loyalty through webshop or take-away

Meet your customers where they are – online, at the table, or on the go. MyLoyal seamlessly integrates loyalty rewards into your webshop, digital table service, takeaway, and gift card purchases, all in a single app.

Earn points effortlessly with online or takeaway orders, simplifying loyalty for your customers in one streamlined experience. Convenience redefined.

Take Away Integration
App For Takeaway Or Direct Delivery
Save Your Digital Receipts And Allow To Access Them Online

Create ease of accessibility

Access receipts & warranties

Streamline the customer experience with MyLoyal’s integrated receipt solution.

Designed to simplify access, storage, and management of receipts, our platform ensures customers never have to hunt for missing receipts again. Instantly accessible on the customer loyalty app right after purchase, it’s the hassle-free way to keep track of your transactions.

Save Your Digital Receipts And Allow To Access Them Online

Increase in-store traffic

Store overview

Simplify your customers’ experience by helping them find your shop/restaurant or cafe faster or checking your working hours effortlessly. Our integration with the latest Google Maps ensures that all this information is accessible at their fingertips.

Find Customers Near You
Find Customers Near You
Club Functionality Application In App

Increase engagement​


Streamline the discount application process and enhance customer loyalty with our Clubs feature. Users can effortlessly apply for and receive a permanent discount for their company or club, empowering them to save on every purchase.

The integrated club card keeps track of their discount percentage, ensuring easy access and convenience.

Understand Your Customer Insights And Personalise Their Experience

And that's just the start...

Create your own features

You don’t have to limit your loyalty program to only the above features. We understand that businesses have their own needs. Here at MyLoyal, we can help create a new feature for your loyalty program with our solution.

Are you integrating booking features or coffee/product subscription development? We can help you!

Now this is a lot of information all at once, we know, there are just so many options with our solution! Take a read and let us know which features will work best for your business!

Predict Your Customer Behaviour By Understanding Your Loyal Customers
Predict Your Customer Behaviour By Understanding Your Loyal Customers

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Increase Your Customer Retention
Grow Revenue
Increase Customer Retention
Improve Customer Experience

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