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Bodenhoff Bakery

For seven generations, the Bodenhoff family have poured their heart and soul into baking quality bread, cakes, and pastries. What sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to quality.

They always bake with the best ingredients and strive to use as many local products as possible. Many of their recipes have remained untouched since 1963, evoking nostalgia with every bite. Their passion and dedication have led to the establishment of 10 thriving stores throughout Greater Copenhagen.


“Our goal was to create a fully integrated loyalty program that could allow users to order breakfast and ‘kagemænd’ for delivery or pickup. We also wanted a product where we could get to know our customers better through valuable data and offer them a strong loyalty program.”

CMO, Amanda Bodenhoff


Bodenhoff faced several problems, including the inability to reward loyal customers and difficulties in finding an app solution that would bring the Bodenhoff universe into the comfort of users’ living rooms.


Bodenhoff Bakery chose the MyLoyal white-labeled loyalty solution to increase customer retention, enhance the overall customer experience, and gain deeper insights into customer preferences using first-party data –  all designed to reward their most loyal customers. 

MyLoyal team was responsible for a full cycle roll-out that included API technical integration, UI/UX design, branding, and a loyalty program design. MyLoyal implemented the loyalty solution app for Bodenhoff with a wide range of features. 

MyLoyal aims to collaborate with the top IT providers, which is why our MyLoyal solution can be fully integrated with Bodenhoff’s POS system, Bakerpos, as well as the take-away system, Crunchorder, to ensure a seamless customer experience. All content within the app can be managed using a self-service administrative panel.

MyLoyal also integrated gamification with different tier levels, activity-based tags, dynamic status bars, special rewards discounts, targeted marketing and even games such as scratch cards and quizzes. 

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Fully Integrated Take-away Solution

Bodenhoff’s loyalty app offers full seamless take-away integration, providing a comprehensive omnichannel experience. Customers can effortlessly order their favorite pastries and earn loyalty points directly through the app. It is a hassle-free process that allows customers to order, redeem, and earn rewards with just a few clicks, eliminating the need to repeatedly enter personal information.

Bodenhoff Takeaway


Bodenhoff’s app features a cash-back reward program, a type of loyalty program where customers get a percentage of their purchases back as cash rewards (spending = savings).

The brilliance of this program lies in its simplicity – for every 1 DKK spent, a clear percentage is given back as cash-back rewards.


Digital Stamp Cards

Bodenhoff invites you to enjoy the special offer: Buy 5 hot drinks, collect 5 stamps, and get a hot drink for free! 

Their app is integrated with different stamp cards to give their customers the excitement of earning free products.

Bodenhoff App Coffee Stamp Card Screen
Bodenhoff Games


Enjoy entertaining games, including scratch cards and quizzes, where users can compete for a chance to win exclusive prizes. 

Bodenhoff Games

Offers and News

With the MyLoyal platform, Bodenhoff can communicate directly with customers through in-app push messages. This allows them to provide tailored offers based on past purchases, as well as share general promotions, news, and events.


Key Takeaways of BODENHOFF'S
Loyalty Program

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